Make your olives fall to perfectly ripe.

OlivAir is a drone designed for olive harvesting. It generates wind so that the olives fall from the tree when perfectly ripe at optimal cost, anywhere and environmentally friendly.

Improve your returns

Reduce collection costs and increase profit margins.

Gather in steep areas

The drone acting over needs no special space between plants or specific pruning. Thanks to it you can collect even in high-slope areas.

Fast collection

It acts 3 times faster than a traditional mechanical shaker, therefore, the working days are significantly reduced.

Improve your oil quality

The drone drops the olives at the desired ripeness. In this way, it allows a timely, efficient and organized harvest, when the olive has the best organoleptic properties.

Respect the plant and the environment

The drone running on battery allows you not to use fossil fuels and using the wind to drop the olives does not damage the plant

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